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Line Card

Looking for a PDF version of our LIne Card? Click below to access it!!

Walker Wellington, LLC

P.O. Box 308

Portsmouth, NH 03802

(P) 603-433-7497


Rich Russell   603-498-6409

Henry Russell  603-498-2384

Vaughan Chopper pumps

Horizontal, Submersible, Vertical Dry-Pit and Vertical Wet-Well Chopper Pumps

Flows to 16,000 GPM, 3 – 16” discharge


Triton Screw Centrifugal Pump

Horizontal, Submersible, Vertical Dry-Pit and Vertical Wet-Well Pumps

Flows to 8,000 GPM

ECOMAX Cogeneration systems

Hydraulic mixing system for Digesters, Sludge Holding and Blending Tanks, EQ Tanks, Septage Receiving. Over 2,000 installations

Complete Modular Cogeneration Systems 

Full system responsibility including maintenance

Advance Gas Dissolution systems (O2 O3, CO2) for oxygenation, aeration, pH adjustment, corrosive gas & odor control and advanced disinfection.



Multistage Chemical Scrubbers for Odor Control

Organic and Inorganic media Biotrickling and Biofilters  -

Activated Carbon Adsorption Towers

Recov’ammonia™ Ammonia Recovery Systems

H2S, NH3, CO2, and VOC Stripping Systems

Sludge Treatment: Dewatering, Thickening, Screening, Drying

Septage Receiving Stations: Septage and Gully Waste treatment

Screening: Rotamat®, Deep Channel, Membrane Protection

Grit Treatment: Separation, Classification, Washing

Energy: Thermwin® Heat Recovery System

Plant Manager Plus

Complete Plant Management software

DMR Reporting

Asset Management program

Liquid and Dry Polymer Mixing Systems

Liquid and Dry Chemical Feed Systems

Bulk Solids Handling


End-suction Pumps, Double-suction Pumps, Vertical mix flow Pumps, Horizontal split case pumps

Engineered adsorbents for air filtration

Odor and corrosion protection

Carbon refills and complete Systems

Wangen America

Severe Duty Progressive Cavity Pumps

X-Lift - In-place pump maintenance

Biogas / Biofeed Systems

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